Wood as Lifestyle.
Sustainable Luxury.

Wood as Lifestyle.
Sustainable Luxury.

Greentech for Sustainable Luxury and Precision Instruments.

Exclusivity and sustainability are no longer at odds. Our greentech innovations make it possible to produce premium products that conserve resources while exuding a feel of luxury. When it comes to precision instruments, luxury products and exclusive control panels, our wood-based frontier technologies help deliver the unique combination of an exclusive look and feel and style-conscious sustainability. 

Bijouwood - Greentech für Luxus- und Lifestyle - Greentech for Luxury and Lifestyle

Innovative Bijouwood:
Exclusive and Sustainable.

Our Bijouwood solution is a technologically enhanced and aesthetically appealing exclusive wood material. To create it, we treat and densify local wood that we exclusively source from sustainably managed forests. Bijouwood is exceptionally dense, extremely hard, dimensionally stable, and resistant to scratches and scuffing. It is 100% wood and contains no plastic or resin, which means it is fully biodegradable. Bijouwood was specifically developed for applications that demand an exceptional look and feel, making it ideal for exclusive lifestyle and luxury products, as well as for premium precision instruments. 

Greentech with Bijouwood:
Benefits for Businesses and Their Customers.

Ambassador for Style-Conscious Sustainability

Bijouwood is ideal for use in products that traditionally feature endangered tropical timber. By using Bijouwood in their premium lifestyle products, manufacturers can underline their environmental credentials and their commitment to sustainability. At the same time, they can respond to their customers’ growing demands for stylish elegance that goes hand-in-hand with an ecological conscience.

Exclusive Feel and Premium Aesthetics

The high density and hardness of Bijouwood makes its surfaces phenomenally resistant to scratches and scuffing, ensuring an exclusive feel and premium aesthetics that last.


Bijouwood is 100% biodegradable and the wood used is sourced from sustainably managed local forests. As a result, Bijouwood plays an important role in reducing the ecological footprint.

Custom, One-Off Pieces

Bijouwood can be manufactured from maple, flamed maple, spruce, beech, black beech and from other types of wood on request. It can also be engraved with a CO2 laser without leaving scorch marks. The result? One-off pieces that reflect both the individuality of the business and that of its customers.

High-End Photography: ALPA of Switzerland.

ALPA cameras offer maximum precision for high-end photography. Some top-of-the-range models are fitted with Bijouwood hand grips. The pleasant feel and the robustness make the products exceptionally comfortable to hold and underline the outstanding quality of ALPA.

Präzisionsinstrumente mit Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions
High-End-Fotografie mit Greentech - High-End-Photography with Greentech
Greentech for High-End-Fotografie - High-End-Photography - Seitenansicht 2

Precious Timepieces, Elegant Writing Instruments and Exclusive Knives.

Whether high-quality knives by Guldimann, fine writing instruments by the Berlin-based Fesseler studio, exclusive razors by Dovo, or world-renowned watches: the top-class qualities of the Bijouwood components reflect the manufacturer’s exclusivity.

Messer - Greentech für nachhaltige Lifestyle-Produkte - Knive - Greentech for Lifestyle
Greentech für Luxusgüter - Greentech for Luxury Goods - Swiss Wood Solutions-1
Nachhaltige Uhren - Sustainable Watches - Swiss Wood Solutions (3)-1
Bedienoberfläche aus Holzfurnier - User Interface made of Wood Veneer

Greentech Solution Sensoveneer: High-Quality User Interfaces.

Sensoveneer is a particularly scratch-resistant, translucent veneer material. It is extremely thin and can be used, for example, as a touch-sensitive user interface. The selectively definable translucent areas make Sensoveneer ideal for applications ranging from contemporary interior design and futuristic furniture to exclusive car interiors.

Irina Jermann CCO - Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions

Irina Jermann 
Chief Commercial Officer
T +41 44 244 38 13

Other Completed Greentech Solutions.

Technology and manufacturing expertise, business management know-how, and close collaboration with our partners have all played a role in ensuring the successful realization of solutions in a range of different areas.

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