Created by Science.
Designed for Business.

Created by Science. 
Designed for Business.

Sustainable Product Development 
for Your Future-Proof Business Model.

With innovative technologies, it is possible to make business models ecologically and economically sustainable. In fact, sustainability and economic success go hand in hand. This is our approach as a technology and business incubator – from sustainable product development with wood-based technologies, through to market launch.

Swiss Wood Solutions as a Technology and Business Incubator. 

As an incubator for sustainable, wood-based technologies and business models, we support businesses and institutions from development right through to the market rollout of resource-conserving innovations. Alongside product development, our services include market analysis, business planning, patent protection, small-batch production, certification processes and the marketing of pilot products.

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Your Business Benefits with Swiss Wood Solutions.

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Solutions Consistent with the Three-Pillar Model of Sustainable Development

The three-pillar model of sustainable development takes into account environmental, economic and social aspects. Using wood materials derived from domestic forestry, we achieve environmentally friendly solutions with short, transparent supply chains.

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Innovative, Wood-Based Products with an Attractive Design

High-quality, novel design concepts form the basis of our wood-based product innovations. Acting as both functional objects and emotive symbols, they make a strong statement for modern sustainability and exclusivity.

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Sustainable Strategies and Business Models

We devise viable, promising business models and go-to-market strategies. This allows your business to remain sustainable and fit for the future in both an environmental and economic sense – including with regard to scalability and profitability.

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Prototypes, Manufacturing Concepts and Small-Batch Production

In addition to developing innovative technologies and product ideas, we can also handle the prototyping and create a manufacturing concept. Small-batch production enables newly developed products to be tested under real market and usage conditions.

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Patent Protection, Licensing and Certification

Depending on the sector, the market launch of product innovations may require relevant certifications. We ensure the certification process goes smoothly and take care of any patent and licensing issues.

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Solutions with High Emotional Value and Exclusive User Experience

Our solutions made of wood materials are characterized by unique features. High-grade product specifications and the inimitable elegance of their look and feel communicate a high emotional value and create a feeling of exclusivity in the user experience.


Our Role as Technology Incubator: Sustainable Product Development Through to Market Rollout.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the wood industry, chemistry, wood physics, wood mechanics, bonding technology and adhesive applications, nanobiology and material sciences. With a comprehensive scientific background and many years of development experience, we deliver competitive solutions.

We guide innovations through all development phases up to commercial rollout – starting with product development, design and then prototyping, through small-batch production, followed by patent protection (IPR) and the certification processes required for distribution. This gives us a leading edge in the world of complete wood-based technology solutions.

As a Business Incubator, We Develop Strategies for Sustainable Business Models. 

Companies with sustainable business models manage to combine environmentally friendly practices and economic success. Consequently, they generate long-term value and profit for the company itself and for the relevant stakeholders. This is where we come in as a business incubator: we analyze and develop business models and go-to-market strategies to ensure the successful marketing of innovations involving wood-based technologies.

Our seasoned specialists have comprehensive expertise in business management, marketing and sales. This means we are well-positioned to develop robust business models that promise to deliver long-term success. This process also includes a thorough analysis of your future viability in terms of scalability and profitability.

Successfully Implemented Business Cases.

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We have already successfully guided a wide range of solutions to market rollout – starting with the product idea and generation of the business case, through prototyping and small-batch production, up to market launch. Then came the licensing of production, marketing and sales to relevant partner companies. Our expertise in wood-based technologies, along with our in-depth business management know-how, played a key role throughout.


Additional Services for Wood-Based Technologies.

Comprehensive scientific knowledge and practical experience form the basis of our key strengths. These also include access to extensive international networks in science and industry. Drawing on this additional expertise, we are able to offer supplementary services relating to wood materials:

  • Independent testing of wooden constructions taking into account project-specific requirements of cultural heritage and monument conservation.

  • Material checks on site or in the laboratory.

  • Planning, supervision and implementation of technology transfer projects from science into practice.

  • Cooperation with pioneering companies to realize future-oriented wood applications.

FAQ: Sustainable Product Development and Business Development.

Irina Jermann CCO - Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions

Irina Jermann 
Chief Commercial Officer
T +41 44 244 38 13

Our Implemented Greentech Solutions So Far.

Technology and manufacturing expertise, business management know-how, and close collaboration with our partners have all played a role in ensuring the successful realization of solutions in a range of different areas.

Could Our Next Greentech Innovation Be for Your Business?

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We support sustainable businesses with our wood-based technology innovations and develop new business models to help them on their journey to greater sustainability. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about bespoke greentech solutions or your project idea.