Wood for Sports. 
Less Efforts.
Better Results.

Wood for Sports. 
Less Efforts.
Better Results.

Product Development, Prototyping and Small-Batch Production of Sports Equipment.

Swiss Wood Solutions is making a key contribution to sustainable development in the world of sport, too. Using frontier technology and locally sourced wood, we create sports equipment with the lowest possible plastic content. We take care of the product development, prototyping, patent protection, product certification, small-batch series production and the market launch. 

Woodpads - Holzbasierte Sportgeräte - Wood based sports equipment

Innovation for Soccer: 
Sustainable Shin Guards.

Swiss Wood Solutions developed the first shin guard to be made from wood. Even professional soccer players appreciate the lightness of this product compared to conventional shin guards, its aesthetic design and its extremely robust quality. The material used is sourced from sustainably managed European forests. 


Sustainable Shin Guards: 
Maximum Benefit for Athletes and Sports Clubs.

Ambassadors in These Environmentally Conscious Times

By using the resource-conserving shin guards, soccer players and their clubs and associations can highlight their environmental conscience. A club or association logo and other messages can be printed on the shin guards on request.


The multilayer wooden shin guards are padded on the inside, making them extremely comfortable to wear – even over long periods of time.

Lightweight and Strong
for Improved Sporting Performance

The sustainable shin guards are remarkably light and slim, but also extremely robust thanks to the densified wood. They offer top-class protection and freedom of movement to support the player’s performance.

in Practice

The shin guards were rigorously tested by professional soccer players and high-ranking amateurs during training and actual games.

Completed Business Case – Woodpads: 
Product Development, Prototyping, Certification, Go To Market.

Logo Woodpads - Partner Produktentwicklung und Prototyping Sports

The wooden shin guards contain densified wood from sustainably managed European forests. Alongside the product development, Swiss Wood Solutions took care of extensive prototyping, a multistage certification process, and small-batch production in preparation for the market launch. Swiss Wood Solutions’ partner Woodpads AG markets and sells the shin guards.

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Budowood Bokken - Holzbasiertes Kampfsportgerät - Wood based Martial Arts and Sports Equipment - Swiss Wood Solutions-1

For Japanese Martial Arts.

Bokken are wooden swords used in Japanese martial arts and combat sports. With no blades or sharp tips, they help ensure injury-free training. Swiss Wood Solutions developed bokken in densified wood. They are particularly high in weight for more demanding training sessions. Product development and the comprehensive prototyping process were followed by a market-ready product and small-batch production.


Irina Jermann CCO - Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions

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