Sets the Good Tone.

Sets the Good Tone.

Greentech for Sustainable Musical Instruments –
Free of Tropical Timber.

Tropical timber is often used in traditional instrument making. The problem is that tropical rainforests are under threat and tropical timber stocks are declining dramatically. More stringent import and trade restrictions such as CITES are also complicating international logistics for both tropical timber and musical instruments made from it. In response, we developed Sonowood – a unique greentech solution for instrument makers and luthiers, using local wood sourced from sustainably managed forests for tropical timber-free products.

Sonowood: Local Wood with the Qualities of Tropical Timber.

Sonowood is created by modifying local woods such as spruce, maple or beech from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to this process, these woods match or even surpass the highly prized physical, mechanical and tonal qualities of tropical timber. Our leading-edge solution offers musical instrument makers the perfect substitute for endangered tropical timber. It is ideal for stringed instruments, guitars and other plucked, wind or keyboard instruments.

Nachhaltige Violine Richelieu mit Greentech - Sustainable Violin with Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions-2

Sonowood for Stringed Instruments

Making a stringed instrument is an emotional process. Many instruments are one-off pieces, carefully handcrafted for the perfect tone and playing experience. This is exactly how it is with Sonowood.

The aesthetics and the exceptional hardness and density guarantee outstanding tonal quality, straightforward workability, and a premium look and feel. It can be used to make sustainable fingerboards, chin rests, tailpieces, tuning pegs and end buttons for violins, violas and cellos – with custom wood finishes or in classic black. 

Gitarren aus nachhaltigem Holz - Guitars made of sustainable Wood - Swiss Wood Solutions-1

Sonowood for Guitars 

Sonowood is known for its extreme hardness and high density. These qualities help produce outstanding sound quality in both acoustic and electric guitars. Sonowood is used here for the fretboard, bridge, head stock and bridge pins. Its extremely smooth and hard surfaces reduce the strings’ frictional resistance on the fretboard for perfect playability.

The square timbers can be milled precisely and offer a color spectrum that ranges from mocha-brown maple to dark-brown beech. They are exclusively made from sustainable local wood, so do not feature any wood-plastic composite material, and are free from tropical timber.

Greentech with Sonowood: 
A New Chapter for Instrument Makers and Musicians.

Outstanding Sound Qualities

Instrument makers and musicians appreciate the acoustic qualities of Sonowood. The high-speed sound conduction and a damping comparable to ebony make it ideal for creating optimized sound qualities and ensuring excellent playability.

Constant Availability

The wood used is sourced from sustainably managed local forests, making the supply chains short and efficient. There are rarely any disruptions to supplies, and the wood is also easy to trace back to its source. This means Sonowood is available in a consistently high quality and is always in ready supply.

No Trade or Travel Restrictions

Increasing restrictions on the trade of tropical timber are placing pressure on instrument makers, while import restrictions for instruments made from tropical timber can cause added complications for touring musicians. With Sonowood, the trade restrictions do not apply; musical instruments created using Sonowood do not need permits to cross borders and are unaffected by the terms of CITES.


Sonowood is a solid wood, not a plastic composite. It is actual wood that is only modified with biological substances, if at all. This means it can be processed in the same way as natural wood and feels the same too.

Completed Business Case Using Sonowood: 
From Product Development to Market Launch.

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More and more musical instrument makers are turning to Sonowood. We have established strong partnerships with recognized experts in instrument making, who use our square timbers to craft the parts of the instrument in close consultation with the artist, taking their requirements into account. A select group of development partners from the world of instrument making is also testing a range of other potential applications for Sonowood.


Irina Jermann CCO - Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions

Irina Jermann 
Chief Commercial Officer
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