Be Smart.
With Wood Cards.

Be Smart. 
With Wood Cards.

The Plastic-Free Wooden Card: 
From Product Development to Market Rollout.

Every year, consumers are given a total of 36 billion new plastic cards that serve a wide variety of purposes: bank and credit cards, access cards, ID cards, customer loyalty cards and much more. This equates to 180,000 metric tons of PVC each year, which ultimately ends up as plastic waste that is harmful to the environment. It was with this situation in mind that we developed our pioneering product: the plastic-free wooden card.

Plastikfreie Holzkarte mit Chip - Plastic Free Wood Card - Swiss Wood Solutions
Plastikfreie Holzkarte - Plastic Free Wood Card

The Versatile Wooden Card – up to 100% Biodegradable.

Developed by Swiss Wood Solutions, the wooden card is the result of a unique combination of leading-edge technology, innovation and aesthetics. It sets new standards in sustainability and design. The wooden card is made entirely using renewable wood from domestic forestry. Its biodegradable material is completely plastic-free and therefore up to 100% compostable.

With an attractive design and high-quality feel, the cards make an elegant and stylish impression. They are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, retail and trade, and tourism and hospitality.

Financial Services

Kreditkarte aus Holz - Wooden Credit Card - Swiss Wood Solutions


Debitkarte und Bankkarte aus Holz - Wooden Debit Card and Banking Cards - Swiss Wood Solutions-1


Prepaid Karte aus Holz - Wooden Prepaid Card


Versicherungskarte aus Holz - Wooden Insurance Card - Swiss Wood Solutions-1-1


Businesses and Private Persons

Wooden Bonus Cards and Loyalty Cards - Product development including sustainable wood


Wooden Business Card - Product development including sustainable wood


Employee ID Cards made of sustainable wood


Tourism and Hospitality

Zutrittskarte aus Holz - Wooden Access Card - Swiss Wood Solutions-1-1


Memberkarte aus Holz - Wooden Member Card - Swiss Wood Solutions-1


The Wood Card Offers Unique Benefits for Businesses and Their Customers.


The wooden cards are completely plastic-free and up to 100% biodegradable, except for any chip, antenna or magnetic strip integrated in them. They make a significant contribution to shrinking a company’s environmental footprint by reducing the amount of plastic waste and greenhouse gases damaging the climate.

Exclusive Design, High-Quality Feel

With high-grade product specifications, an attractive design and a high-quality feel, the wooden cards have high emotional value and generate a feeling of exclusivity in the user experience. The texture of the wood means that each card is unique, emphasizing a stylish individuality.

Communicates a Modern Awareness of Environmental Issues

Acting as both a functional object and an emotive symbol, the wood card makes a strong statement. When the card is used, it communicates a modern awareness of environmental issues on the part of the issuer and the user, while also evoking exclusivity.

Supports CSR Programs

The wood card makes the perfect addition to a company’s CSR program, whether they are a financial service provider, a retailer or a tourism and leisure business. It underlines their commitment to the environment and society in a visible and credible way.

Completed Business Case – The Timbercard: 
From Product Development to Market Launch.

Swiss Wood Solutions developed the wooden card using their own densified wood technology (patent pending). Following the product development and prototyping phase, small-batch production was prepared and implemented, while in-depth market analysis was undertaken in discussion with relevant market players. Finally came a series of pilot projects and certification processes, which included verification of marketability, development, market rollout and licensing.

Timbercard - Kreditkarten und Bankkarten aus Holz - Swiss Wood Solutions GLS Bank Logo - Bankkarten und Debitkarten aus Holz Raiffeisendruckerei - Herstellung von Bankkarten und Debitkarten aus Holz dg-nexolution - Partner für die Herstellung von Debitkarten und Bankkarten aus Holz Copecto-Logo - Partner für die Vermarktung von Debitkarten und Bankkarten aus Holz
Licensing for Global Production and Distribution

Swiss Wood Solutions awarded the global license for producing, marketing and distributing the wood card to Copecto GmbH. Copecto distributes the card worldwide under the brand name Timbercard. The German GLS Bank (Bank of the Year 2023 in Germany) was the first to make the wooden bank card widely available to its banking customers. Series production of the Timbercard is carried out by Raiffeisendruckerei GmbH, a certified provider of payment cards with a sublicense from Copecto. Copecto GmbH is a subsidiary of DG Nexolution, the renowned service provider for cooperative banks.

Timbercard in the News

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Cards.

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As the global license holder, Copecto is the contact point for sales and production of the Timbercard.

Other Completed Greentech Solutions.

Technology and manufacturing expertise, business management know-how, and close collaboration with our partners have all played a role in ensuring the successful realization of solutions in a range of different areas.

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