Bijouwood is a technologically enhanced and aesthetically appealing wood material comprised of domestic wood species such as oak, figured maple, ash, cherry and many other wood species from sustainable forests. Bijouwood is highly dense (1’300-1’400 kg/m3), extremely hard (Brinell hardness > 100 N/mm2), dimensionally stable as well as scratch- and abrasion-resistant. Bijouwood consists of 100% wood and does not contain any plastic or resin, it therefore is 100% biodegradable. The material can readily be engraved with a CO2 laser without burn marks.

Bijouwood is designed for lifestyle and high precision applications. Would you like to use Bijouwood for your application? Contact us, there are no limits to your creativity.

ALPA of Switzerland

Cameras from ALPA combine highest precision and noble style. This model is equipped with handles from Bijouwood nut. The pleasant feel and robustness of Bijouwood provide comfort.

Stationery by Jean-Frédéric Fesseler

In his studio in Berlin, Jean-Frédéric Fesseler crafts exclusive stationery. His latest collection features Bijouwood from spruce, maple as well as light and dark figured maple.

Guldimann Cutlery Shop

In the Guldimann cutlery shop, every knife is handcrafted. For the knife handles of the Hellcat model, Marco Guldimann uses Bijouwood maple, which is ideally suited thanks to its high density and hardness, robustness and aesthetics.