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Swiss Wood Solutions

Swiss Wood Solutions

Swiss Wood Solutions AG is a business and technology incubator for sustainable, wood-based products. New business models, technologies and products are developed to the required level of maturity and then spun off into specialized subsidiaries.

Our activities are always to be in line with the 3-pillar model for sustainable development.

With our innovative and pioneering solutions, we contribute to the preservation of our native tree populations, endangered rainforest woods and the reduction of environmentally harmful plastics in everyday products.

Our solutions offer outstanding quality features and special property combinations for novel user experiences. In this way, we create economic and ecological gains with great emotional value through generation-appropriate products and services.

Our expertise

  • Developing and testing business models in the area of sustainability
  • Developing and testing manufacturing concepts
  • Technology, physics and chemistry of wood-based and veneer-based materials
  • Wood composites for static load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications
  • Coatings, surface chemistry, bulk chemistry, polymer science, nanotechnology

Swiss Wood certified
Wald und Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable Impact

Our products drive the sense of the ecological responsibility of consumers, professionals, and enterprises.

Attraktives Design

Attractive Design

Novel, attractive, and emotional aesthetics appeal to all senses with a unique touch and feel impression.

Hochwertiger Diamant

Premium Properties

High-value properties deliver better or identical user experiences compared to the standard materials.


Violin with fret board made of domestic wood


The sustainable alternative to tropical woods for your musical instrument.

The aesthetics, as well as the exceptional hardness, and density and the good acoustic properties of Sonowood support an excellent performance of your instrument. Sonowood is made from 100% domestic woods and contains no plastic content.

Swiss Wood Cards

Swiss Wood Cards

We develop, produce and market wooden cards in the banking and non-banking sectors that are sustainable and biodegradable. Our cards are made from domestic wood species. They offer premium aesthetics, pleasant feel and full functionality.

Banking card as debit card or credit card


Native wood for high precision applications: Cameras, electronics, pens or watches


Bijouwood is the aesthetic, robust wood for lifestyle and high precision applications. Pens, watches, and knifes are just a few examples.


Business Model

Swiss Wood Solutions AG

Swiss Wood Solutions AG is a business and technology incubator for sustainable, wood‑based products

Sonowood AG

Product market entry 

Copecto GmbH

Timbercard / Swiss Wood Card


Talk to Sales

Talk to Sales

Irina Jermann
Head of Sales & Marketing
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