Local Wood.
Global Impact.


We develop wood-based, environmentally friendly business models, technologies and products – for a sustainable future for generations to come.

Local Wood.
Global Impact.


We develop wood-based, environmentally friendly business models, technologies and products – for a sustainable future for generations to come.

We Enable Sustainable Businesses – with Greentech.

Swiss Wood Solutions delivers wood-based frontier technology. Our greentech innovations promote sustainable development – in ecological and economic terms, and always in the interests of society as a whole. Using wood sourced from local, ecologically managed forests, we develop fully functional alternatives to tropical timber, plastic and composite materials. In doing so, we help sustainable businesses to introduce resource-conserving innovations and to decarbonize products and manufacturing processes.

We are a Technology and Business Incubator for Sustainable Businesses. 

As an incubator for sustainable, wood-based technologies and business models, we support businesses and institutions from development right through to the market rollout of resource-conserving innovations. Alongside product development, our services include market analysis, business planning, patent protection, small-batch production, certification processes and the marketing of pilot products.

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Our Core Expertise in Greentech: Technology and Business Development.

Swiss Wood Solutions combines solid greentech know-how in the field of wood-based technologies with comprehensive economic expertise. As a technology and business incubator, we develop innovative, sustainable solutions and the right business models to take them through to successful market rollout. The result is credible and verifiable sustainability – a highly relevant strategic factor where businesses success is concerned.


Swiss Wood Solutions as a Technology Incubator: Core Expertise in Wood-Based Technologies 

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the wood industry, chemistry, wood physics and wood mechanics, bonding technology and adhesive applications, nanobiology and material sciences. With their wide range of scientific backgrounds and extensive practical experience, they are able to create innovations and develop them to certification and commercial maturity. This gives us a leading edge in the world of wood-based technology solutions. 

Swiss Wood Solutions as a Business Incubator: Developing Sustainable Business Models 

We are the leading business when it comes to corporate development and the marketing of new wood-based technologies. Our team of experts is made up of experienced specialists with solid know-how in business management and marketing.

They understand the specific requirements of a go-to-market strategy for ecologically sustainable innovations and know how to implement them effectively. As a result, we are able not only to develop pioneering technologies and products but to test their future viability and cost-effectiveness too.

Greentech mit Holzverdichtung
Regular spruce (bottom) and densified spruce (top)

Successfully Implemented Greentech Solutions: The Densified Wood Example.

Following extensive research and development, we managed to create a method for densifying wood sourced from sustainably managed, local forests. We use it to process local wood types until they attain the characteristics needed for the end product. 
The method has allowed us to match and even surpass the physical and mechanical properties of tropical timber and plastic. Today, this technology is helping to replace the use of endangered tropical timber species in musical instrument making and enabling the introduction of plastic-free bank and access cards.

Shaping the Future for Our Partners: 
Innovation for Sustainable Businesses.

We develop sustainable solutions and business models right through to market rollout. We then spin these off into specialized subsidiaries for series production and for marketing and sales, or issue licenses to suitable businesses.

Successfully Implemented Solutions

Technology and manufacturing expertise, business management know-how, and close collaboration with our partners have all played a role in ensuring the successful realization of solutions in a range of different areas.

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Irina Jermann CCO - Greentech - Swiss Wood Solutions

Irina Jermann 
Chief Commercial Officer
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The Major Challenge for Businesses: Ecological Sustainability.

Our solutions play a key role in our clients’ sustainable development. A credible ecological sustainability strategy is crucial for any future-oriented business. The need for action is becoming more acute as stakeholders demand verifiable sustainability. At the same time, there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives to harmful materials, while the limited availability of natural resources is leading to bottlenecks in the supply chains.   

Pressure to Improve Sustainability: 
Regulations, Taxation, Image

Customers, employees, regulators, investors, and the public are demanding that businesses become more ecologically sustainable. The burden of regulations and environmental taxes is increasing, and there is an urgent need for businesses to act.

Tropical Timber: 
Overexploitation and Limited Resources

Due to global overexploitation, tropical timber stocks are declining sharply and whole tropical rainforests are under threat of disappearance. In addition to the loss of biodiversity and the negative impact on the global climate this entails, it also means that the quantity and quality of available tropical timber has fallen dramatically. On top of this, we have increasingly stringent import directives and trade restrictions.

Environmentally Harmful Plastic: 
A Lack of Alternatives

Excessive use of crude oil-based plastics in everyday products is causing major harm to our environment. Their manufacture generates large quantities of greenhouse gases, and the absence of recycling systems has resulted in significant waste problems. At the same time, we are faced with a distinct lack of viable alternatives.

Sustainability as a Key 
Strategic Success Factor

Any business today that does not have an ecological sustainability concept is running a huge risk. A consistently implemented sustainability strategy allows a business to gain an effective edge over its competitors. Businesses can profit here from efficiency gains and strong positioning in the sales, labor and capital markets.

The Three-Pillar Model of Sustainable Development: FAQ

Certified Wood, Guaranteed Sustainability.

FSC Label - Swiss Wood Solutions

Swiss Wood Solutions is FSC®-certified (FSC®-C181622). FSC® stands for “Forest Stewardship Council®”. FSC® certification is internationally recognized and verifies that forests are being used in line with the social, economic and ecological needs of current and future generations.

Logo Certification Swiss Wood

“Swiss Wood” certification guarantees that the wood used is of Swiss origin and meets the highest of standards, namely that its production is environmentally friendly and transport routes are short. Swiss Wood Solutions is “Swiss Wood”-certified.

PFC Label - Swiss Wood Solutions

PEFC stands for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification”. Wood products from PEFC-certified businesses are verifiably sourced from sustainably managed forests. Swiss Wood Solutions is PEFC-certified

Accolades for Our Wood-Based Technologies – 
Awards and Funding.

As a greentech incubator, we feel we have an important role to play in our society.  Using wood-based technologies, we develop real solutions to the challenges that humans and the environment are facing today and will face in the future. Various national and European organizations have recognized this, supporting our innovations with funding programs and awards.

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