String instrument making is emotional. Many instruments are unique and carefully handcrafted. This is exactly the case with Sonowood as well. We manufacture each piece individually, no fingerboard resembles the next. The aesthetics and the extraordinary hardness and density guarantee excellent performance.

We offer fittings as well as squared timbers in spruce (Picea abies) and maple (Acer pseudoplatanus). We use wood from sustainable Swiss forestry, mainly from the cantons of Zurich and Grisons.

Find our current assortment below. Technical data on Sonowood maple, Sonowood walnut and Sonowood spruce can be found here.

Sonowood Fittings

All fittings available from maple, walnut and spruce for violin and viola.
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Sonowood Squared Timbers

Square timbers in maple and spruce are available in sizes suitable for fingerboards, tailpieces, chinrests, pegs and end buttons. For cello: pegs and tailpieces only, the remaining sizes coming soon.

How do I get Sonowood?

Contact us for a price request and become part of the sustainable revolution in instrument manufacturing.

Stradivarius with Sonowood

Stradivarius from 1721 with a fingerboard and tailpiece from Sonowood spruce equipped by Wilhelm Geigenbau.