The extreme hardness and high density of Sonowood ensure that your acoustic and electric guitars deliver highest acoustic performances. Sonowood is suitable for fretboards, bridges and headstocks.

The offerings includes Sonowood from spruce (Picea abies), maple (Acer pseudoplatanus), and walnut (Juglans spp.). For our products, we use wood from sustainable Swiss forestry, mainly from the cantons of Zurich and Grisons.

Technical data on Sonowood can be found in the flyer below.

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Our offering

All pieces are available from spruce, maple and walnut.
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All advantages of Sonowood:

For the guitarist:

  • Excellent sustain thanks to high stiffness and low sound attenuation
  • Outstanding attack thanks to high sound-propagation velocity
  • Sonowood is durable and scratch-resistant thanks to complete pore closure. Signs of wear and dirt are greatly reduced.
  • Optimum playability thanks to hard and smooth surface and thus lower friction resistance of the strings.
  • No travel restrictions thanks to the avoidance of endangered wood species


For the luthier:

  • Sonowood can be milled particularly well and precisely. This makes it ideal for filigree components (bridges, bridge plates and pins) as well as inlays.
  • Sonowood maple can easily be debonded prior to rebonding with a low risk of fibre tearing
  • The frets can be hammered in easily and anchor well in the wood. Attention: the slots shall not be too narrow as Sonowood is much harder than conventional woods. The slots of Sonowood maple are best sawn by machine. On the other hand, Sonowood walnut can easily be sawn manually.
  • No pore fillers are necessary thanks to the complete pore closure.
  • Sonowood can be sanded very well.
  • A smooth surface is already achieved by using low grit sandpaper (240).
  • Sonowood consists of natural wood (no wood plastic-composite material), which is why its use is associated with the promotion of sustainable, domestic forestry.
  • Continuous availability in constant quality
  • No trade restrictions thanks to the avoidance of endangered wood species

How do I get Sonowood?

Contact us for a price request and become part of the sustainable revolution in instrument making.